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May 13 2011

Dreaming Up the Ideal Road Trip

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Dreaming the Road Trip

The first stage of the planning is the dream.  We had ideas.  The desert.  Las Vagas.  The west (we went to the east coast a year ago).  So to dream.  How do we make the pictures in our head a little more real.  We went back to where the pictures came from.  We went to the movies.

Road Trip Movies

The cinema is where the road trip came from (well, maybe the Oregon trail is where the road trip came from, the the cinema is what made it iconic).

The classic road trip is Easy Rider [DVD][Blu-ray]but we weren’t bikers, so we wondered what over films about road trips might be a better solution.

Herself reminded me of Thelma and Louise [DVD][Blu-ray] – a classic road trip.

We watched it together.  It was a night in, and it certainly got us into the feel of the wide open countryside.  But I wasn’t too keen on being shot.  There were more stories to hear.

We considered Road Trip [DVD] – it had the right name.  But again, we weren’t in it for the teenage hijinks and gross-out.  And we certainly didn’t feel like sharing a car with Tom Green.

So we looked at a few more films

Including films about lawnmowers, films about wine, films about muppets – oh and films about planes, trains & automobiles

But in the end, it was the ideas in our head. We don’t want to do just any roadtrip. We want to do the roadtrip that lies int he head of a Brit. So what better than to find a Brit who’s done it already? Dave Gorman In America Unchained is one Brits’s trip across the america in his head. With it, we knew we wanted to seek out some of the same things.

Planning the route for your USA Road Trip


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